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back to where we started

Wow, so much for learning something new everyday and putting it on here. Well, America came, and I left. 12 months turned into three years. It held some great times. Some lifelong friends were made and a life was made in the United States. It was eventful to say the least. Plenty of drinking, Road Trips, Las Vegas, Love, A Masters and much more was had. On the other hand, heartbreak, homesickness, fights and even some time in jail came with it.
But as with everything, it had to come to an end. Tough as it was to leave, I realized the time was right. On to the next big adventure. Ireland still is not the place I want to be. Europe beckons. And again, I am getting my hopes raised for the possibility of a job in Rome. Hoping I will not be disappointed, but keeping my fingers crossed for this one. Lets see where life brings me :)

New Year, new start!

So this is gonna become a sort of semi diary i've decided!! seeing as none of my actual friends are on live journal!! 

On Wednesday I have my interview with the irish bar and ive spent the last week researching stuff that might help me get the job. The bar chain, restaurant stuff, n irish stuff in general!! im hoping to god that this works out for me because i'm after pinning so much on this now that i'm not quite sure what i will do if it doesnt work out!! I truely believe that ireland is not for me anymore!! dont get me wrong i love ireland but i just think that at this point in my life I need to be elsewhere, seeing and experiecing new things. At the moment im trying not to get my hopes to high but at the same time its much easier said than done.

As a new years resolution I've decided to try the whole learn one new thing each day, but with one condition, that being it has to be something that might be in someway useful at some point in my life, not something like 'do you know an ant can jump over 4 double decker buses' who cares?
so far i've learned all about RiRa irish bars, guantanimo bay and the NATO phonetic alphabet

now to find something new to learn today.....


so im now  officially an unemployed graduate!! fun times!!

but maybe things are a changing! i just got me the vague possibility of a 12 month job in america, if i can blag myself a few references and make up a bit of experience for myself. so it will be a trip grovelling to my old boss to try get him to ask his brother to write me a reference to say i have the type of experience needed to work in an irish bar!! hmmm this time last year i was turning my nose up at the prospect of a bar job and now im scrambling to get one!! 

hopefully the gods will smile upon me and let me get it!! america holds good things for me I think :)

Writer's Block: Famous last words

If you were close to death, what would you choose for your last words? To whom would you want to say them?

don't be sad for me, it was worth it....

where to start

as a person who doesnt really do the whole blog and journal thing but hates a blank profile i suppose i should write something here!!

hmmm..... maybe I'll just stick with sayin the only reason I joined livejournal was for love of the song of ice and fire series, which was a series i has never even heard of until I bought a feast for crows in a second hand book shop along with a pile of other books, went to read it about a month later and realised it was the fourth book in a series, which lead me back to A game of thrones!! really dont know what id do if i had missed out on these books. finished the series as far as it goes some time ago but have taken to the chat rooms and such now!!

love em.....